“Every year between 660,000 and 700,000 Americans leave formal religion, yet there has been a rise in people’s interest in spirituality.”  Luke Edwards, the author of “Becoming Church,” asks the obvious question that flows from this fact, “What would happen if we were willing to start churches in a way that connected with this growing number of people?”

The “Fresh Expressions” movement began in 2004 in the Church of England, and the UK as a response to such a vision.  The defining features of this innovative ministry (Fresh Expressions) are: 1) It exists primarily for people who do not attend church; 2) it connects with people in a way that is specific to their culture and location; 3) it goes where people are in the community; 4) it aims to make and grow disciples of Christ; 5) it intends to become church with the people it connects with.

Trinity’s “Fresh Start” is one such ministry to people who would probably not enter a traditional church, but who value spirituality and would be open to knowing and growing in Christ.  Bethany Evans will bring contemporary “K-love” style music, Jennie Anticoli will lead breathing meditation, and Pastor Ann Marie will facilitate prayer. We are inviting participants to gather on the first Tuesdays of each month for an hour of spiritual practices.

Since this is a new endeavor, we may have to experiment with and fine tune our “Fresh Start” as it evolves.  The Holy Spirit and prayer will continue to guide our efforts.  The “Fresh Start” team is asking you to pray for us and for a good opening April 5th.  We have distributed prayer cards that can unite us in prayer as a parish.

How will we get the word out?  You may help.  If you are a Facebook user, go to Trinity’s Facebook page.  There is a Fresh start group on our page, and an event posted there—these can be shared by clicking the arrow below the post. Sharing the information in this way will help the invitation to spread.  There will be a banner on our church building, and feather flags to mark the entrance for the group gatherings.  About 5000 Troy residents will receive an announcement and invitation in the mail.  Please pray that “Fresh Start” will be blessed, and reach those people in our community who would benefit from our love and community.