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History of Trinity Episcopal Church

Trinity Church members trace the founding of their parish to 1831 when members first petitioned for association with the Protestant Episcopal Church.  The corner stone for the first church building on East Franklin and South Walnut Streets was laid in 1833 and the church opened its doors in 1835. During the interim, services were held in private homes.

The parish slowly grew until after WWII when it had increased rapidly and soon the church building was crowded for services. In addition to using the rectory, a small, former residence was purchased for Sunday School classes and church meetings.

In 1964 ground was broken for our present facility at 1550 Henley Road.  (Now addressed as 60 South Dorset Rd), with the first service two years later. In 1977, the building was consecrated and the mortgage burned. We remain a vital presence in the community through our worship, our outreach, and the ministries of our members.

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