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The Vestry members are legal representatives and agents of a parish, charged with specific responsibilities with the rector. As legal representative and agent, the vestry functions much like the board and agent with responsibilities for finance and management of property and human resources. Many aspects of the vestry's role are defined by entities beyond the congregation - local, state, and federal laws and diocese and Episcopal Church cannons - as well as by the church's own constitution and bylaws.

There is an important element of shared life and purpose in vestry leadership. You are not only elected into the vestry; you are called to a sacred ministry in your faith community.

~ from Vestry Resource Guide - Episcopal Church

2023 Trinity Vestry Members:

Jim Beerbower - Senior Warden

David Cobb - Junior Warden

Jenny Anticoli

Sandy Ehrlich

Joanie Gutermuth

Kevin Kirsch

Evanthia Owen