Memorial Garden


Memorial Garden - Work in Process
(Summer 2023)

Memorial Garden Report:

Trinity Episcopal Church developed a Memorial Garden on the grounds in the front of the Church in the 1990's. The purpose was to provide a lovely space where parishioners could inter cremains of their loved ones or provide a form of recognition through a name on the plaque. Over the decades the good intentions of proper maintenance did not happen.

In 2022 we felt called to form a committee to reimagine this space. We were fortunate to locate a very talented and caring Garden Designer named Nadia Malarky from Yellow Springs. We have met numerous times to determine exactly what was needed for that space. Below is the Design Brief as proposed by Nadia.

The current garden space is situated on the Northwest corner of the Church grounds directly to the right of the main entryway into the Church. It is approximately 3428 square feet. The main garden dimensions are 40'X 76' with an adjacent smaller area of 22'X 18'. Within the garden exists a defined triangular space where the ashes of
parishioners and loved ones have been interred.

The primary goal of the Committee is to transform the existing Memorial Garden into a tranquil, beautiful, intriguing and welcoming space where the public can visit for meditation and reflection. In addition to the overarching goal is:

To procure an estimate for the care program and needs of the new landscape.

The initial groundwork and hardscape are in place. The electrical lines for lighting, gold dust surrounding the hardscape, placing the plaque and water feature will be added in the fall. Leaf mulch has been spread in order to prepare the soil. Nadia will be attending a Church Service and provide a presentation in August that will provide the parish with information and the opportunity for others to assist in providing funding for trees, benches and plantings.